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5 Tips to Spot a Quality Watch

November 18, 2019

If you are looking for a watch, you may have noticed that the prices of watches vary greatly. On one hand there are a bunch of cheap fashion watches with almost no quality, and on the other hand: collector watches with price tags of 6 digits. And there is a lot in between. Are you looking for a reliable watch and do you want to learn what a high quality watch needs? Then read on.

1. The Watch Glass

The watch glass is the transparent cover over the dial. A high-quality watch has at least a hard watch glass with sapphire coated. With sapphire, the glass remains scratch-free and clear after frequent use. Soft mineral glass and crystal glass is the choice for an average, inexpensive watch.

2. The Movement

Watches can have quartz or a certified mechanical movement. The difference in short: quartz watches are watches with a battery and a mechanical watch must be wound manually. The biggest advantage of a quartz watch is that fewer moving parts are needed and makes the watch more accurate and affordable.

Swiss, Japanese and German timepieces have the best reputation, whether it is about automatic or quartz movement. They lead the industry in innovation. Lato Lifestyle uses the timepiece Miyota, because this brand has proven itself over time. Miyota is one of the most used quartz movements in the world and is known as reliable and very accurate.

Luxury watches can contain extra functions, so-called "complications". The first Lato Lifestyle collection has, as the name suggests (Chrono): a chronograph. This chronograph has an extra clock to record the elapsed seconds and another clock to record the elapsed minutes. Modern chronographs have two buttons around the crown; a button to start and stop the chronograph and a button to reset it. Lato Lifestyle's first timepiece also contains a date complication. With this you can easily keep track of the date. All watches are delivered in a luxury leather watch box including a manual.

Lato Lifestyle - Luxury Watches

 3. Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a watch that you know will not rust and change color, you need to know what material the watch case is made of. The case of a good watch is made of stainless steel. The better watch brands use 316L stainless steel, which has a higher pure grade. A PVD coating is also important for maintaining the color. All Lato Lifestyle watches have a PVD coating and are made of 316L stainless steel to ensure that the customer gets the best at home.

4. Water Resistance

A less waterproof watch can cause your watch to be damaged in the short term. That's why Lato Lifestyle recommends choosing a watch with a water resistance of at least 5 ATM. This protects your watch for most daily contacts with water, such as: hand washing, showering and rain. 3 ATM watches are often cheaper and offer no guarantee of water proof, for example during the shower. All watches in this webshop have a water resistance of at least 5 ATM.

5. A higher price does not mean higher quality

Before purchasing a new timepiece, it is wise to look at the details of a watch. A quality watch must also feel like something valuable. The components and parts that make up a watch are extremely complex and take up a lot of space and weight. When you wear it, it should feel like a real watch and not like a toy. In the end, the price should not be leading, because a more expensive watch does not automatically mean that it is made of high quality.

With the tips above we hope that we helped you in your search for a new watch. Thank you for reading.

Lato Lifestyle - Chrono

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